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If you’ve recorded your material elsewhere (home, or another studio) and need it finishing to a professional standard, then using our years of experience and extensive facilities we can take your project to the next level!  

At The Cave we provide mixing services at affordable rates.  

We can mix from raw or partially produced stems either recorded at The Cave or elsewhere.


We can do our mixing together with you at the studio, or we can do it remotely with a faster turnaround and lower costs.  

Simply send us your project files and one of our experienced engineers will mix them to a commercial standard.   Using a combination of vintage outboard and world renowned plug-ins, one of our highly experienced engineers will shape your mix into a commercial masterpiece.  

Our online mixing service couldn’t be simpler: 

  • You send us your project files - we recommend using WeTransfer

  • We'll mix them at the first available time slot

  • We'll digitally deliver the finished mix back to you as a stereo WAV file  

  • We’ll provide one mix revision free of charge - we do a discounted rate for people recording at The Cave  

Other services include:

  • Drum Editing

  • Vocal Editing

  • Remote Drum Recording

  • Backing Track Production

Get in touch to discuss your specific project in more detail.  

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